T-Shirt Benefits Equality PA

The Love is Love tee is available just in time for Pride

You can never have too many t-shirts. Those are words we live by every summer. And that’s why couldn’t pass up these new ones from PA-based Socially Conscious Shirts to raise money for Equality Pennsylvania.

For every $15 “Love is Love” shirt you buy to send a positive message about marriage equality, you’ll be donating $5 to Equality PA’s Educational Fund. The fund uses outreach and educational activities throughout the state to send a message about the need for equal rights.

“I am so excited to be able to partner with this excellent local company,” says Adrian Shanker, Equality PA president. “And I am even prouder that this partnership helps to expand the marriage equality message throughout the state.”

As we gear up for Pride this month, look for the shirts to be sold wherever Social Conscious Shirts and Equality PA set up shop. Shanker says the shirts will also be available in Philly’s Gayborhood this month and online.

“These shirts sum up our message and the thoughts of LGBT people and our allies everywhere,” says Ted Martin, Equality PA’s executive director. “They will be seen by many people [and] will continue to spread the message that our families deserve nothing less than equality.”

Click here to select your color and size in time for Philly Pride on June 10.