The Real L Word is Coming Back

We have the scoop on season three's new cast members

Showtime is debuting the next season of The Real L Word this July. It goes bicoastal between L.A. and New York with a few favorites characters still in the mix – including Whitney, Kacy, Cori and Romi, as well as several new cast members. The familiar L.A. faces will be up their usual antics with Kacy and Cori navigating marriage, Sara considering a cross-country move and Romi focusing on her career as a budding jewelry designer.

Here are some of the new faces:

Courtesy of Hunter Valentine

Kiyomi is a rock star with Hunter Valentine, a Brooklyn-based rock band releasing a new album this summer. She’s facing the challenges of balancing a love life with a career on the road.

Somer is also a member of Hunter Valentine. She’s trying to figure out how to adjust to marriage and kids while still living a wild rock star life.

Amanda leaves her beloved New York City to reunite with BFF Lauren in L.A. This jet-setting socialite will need to adjust to the mellow SoCal life and her new home – and it won’t always be easy.

Check out a preview: