Penn State Settles With Paterno Estate

Plus: Philly Tech Week kicks off today, where will Romney woo Santorum?, Jersey teacher tells seven-year-old she's too sexy for gym, and more of what the city's talking about today.

Penn State Settles Up With Joe Paterno. The university announced its retirement payout of more than $5 million to the Paterno estate. [Centre Daily Times]

Flyers vs. Penguins Game 5 Tonight. The team could still finish off the series tonight, but reports on Bryz’s condition are still murky. [Fox 29]

Rick Santorum Withholds Support From Romney, Continues to Flirt With Media. There’s talk the two could meet in Philadelphia for what one presumes would be awkward wooing. They should definitely consider holding such a meeting on a Ride the Ducks tour. [Inquirer]

Would You Rather Vote for Jewel Williams or Jewell Williams? The daughter-father politicians have potential to cause voter confusion, and opponents in the state rep race aren’t happy. The young Ms. Williams protests, “There’s no hiding who I am. I can’t help it that my name is Jewel Williams.” [Daily News]

Philly Tech Week Begins Today. You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Genius to Be Interested. With events on the schedule like the Robotics Expo, a multimedia music show, and a session called “Behind the Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft,” this annual geek-up isn’t just for techie-type developers and entrepreneurs. [Philly Tech Week]

Smokin’ Joe Frazier’s Old Gym Is Back on the Market. Though the boxer no longer owned the North Philly Broad Street building when he died last year, many Philadelphians still hoped something could be done with the historic property that would honor the legend. If you’d like to try (and have one million bucks), now’s your chance. [Curbed Philly]

Today’s Bad Teacher Alert. A substitute teacher isn’t going to be getting any jobs in a South Jersey school district after allegedly telling a seven-year-old girl that she was “too sexy to do gym class.” Bad grammar is obviously the least of his problems. [6 ABC]

School of Rock to Expand. The music school, which was founded in Philadelphia, just picked up a $5 million investment and plans to open more after-school programs around the U.S. [Wall Street Journal]