Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper Is Single Again

Plus: Nicki Minaj in Philly, Charles Barkley in drag, and more of today's celebrity news.

Bradley Cooper Back on the Market. Control yourselves ladies, but it looks like the Sexiest Man Alive is single again. The female staffers here are still waiting to make out with him, by the way. [Ology]

Nicki Minaj at FYE in Philly. Yeah, apparently that store still exists. Let’s hope she doesn’t try to get all edgy again.


Charles Barkley in Drag. Here’s a picture of Sir Charles Barkley in a dress. We’re elated to know that this exists. [Deadspin]

Spike Lee’s Trayvon Martin Tweet Disaster. Spike Lee retweeted the wrong address of George Zimmerman to 250,000 followers. the couple that lives at the mistaken address was forced to head to a hotel for the night to avoid all of the media, hate mail and threats. [E!]

Katie Couric Hosting Good Morning America. Robin Roberts will be on vacation next week so Katie Couric will fill in on Good Morning America. Couric has her own daytime talk show set to premiere in the fall. [The Wrap]

Fez and Lyla Garrity? Minka Kelly and Wilmer Valderrama have not announced that they’re dating, but they each tweeted about going to Australia, so people are starting to speculate. [E!]