Gay’s Okay at the Olympics

Take a new quiz that's being used to train volunteers on LGBT sensitivity just in time for the summer games

Top cyclists test the road in anticipation of the summer games (courtesy of the London Olympics)

As London gets ready for the 2012 Summer Olympics, so are volunteers being schooled on how to handle all things LGBT. Outsports reports that volunteers are being quizzed on how to handle situations, like what to do if someone complains about two men holding hands. Here’s an example care of the London Telegraph:

A spectator complains to you that there are two men holding hands sitting next to them – they feel very uncomfortable and would like you to tell the couple to stop. What do you do?

A.) You tell the person to stop being a homophobic idiot and walk away.
B.) You want everybody to feel comfortable and welcome at the Games, so you politely ask the couple to stop holding hands.
C.) You explain that there is a huge diversity of people at the London 2012 Games, which includes gay, lesbian and bisexual couples.

If you chose C, then you are one step closer to being qualified to volunteer at the summer games.

Another question deals with gender identity:

A spectator approaches you asking politely where the nearest toilets are. You are not sure if the spectator is male or female. What do you do?

A.) Panic – you are not qualified to make this decision. Explain politely that you do not know, and sadly cannot be of assistance.

B.) Just in case, tell them where the male, female and accessible toilets are.

C.) Ask the spectator politely if they are male or female, so that you can direct them appropriately.

And the answer is B. But you already knew that, right?

We have to hand it to the London Olympics for being so forward-thinking. Not that we would have expected any less, but it makes the anticipation of the games all the more exciting – for everyone.

What competitions are you looking forward to this year? Have any athletes caught your attention?