Ellen Talks Bullying

Why is a new documentary getting an R rating anyway?

Ellen DeGeneres spoke up this week about a new documentary that takes a close look at school bullying. Bully not only talks to survivors of the abuse, but also families who lost their children after being mercilessly harassed, in many cases, for being gay.

Trouble is the Motion Picture Association of America has slapped a surprising R rating on the film, making it impossible for schools and teens under the age of 17 to actually show or see the film. That’s why there’s a petition asking for the rating to be downgraded to PG-13 since, after all, the content of the film speaks to young people well under 17 who would hardly be shocked by the slurs used in the movie to describe the torment being faced my many American students today.

More than 200,000 people have already signed it. And we anticipate that number will skyrocket after DeGeneres’s call for support on her highly rated show. She also had some thoughts to share on the issue just in time for the film’s release on March 30.

Check it out: