Glee’s Shocking Suicide Finale

The reaction over the show's winter finale sends a serious message about bullying

Courtesy of Fox

If you missed the finale of the hit Fox TV show “Glee” last week, you would have also missed a poignant episode about a teen struggling with anti-gay bullying after finding the word “fag” spray painted on his locker. Dave Karofsky (played by Max Adler) was depicted in an attempted suicide after being bullied and humiliated at school and online by his classmates for being gay.

Following the broadcast, The Trevor Project‘s PSA featuring Daniel Radcliffe was aired, encouraging anyone who may be experiencing similar feelings as the character to reach out and get help through the organization’s toll-free Life Line. The Trevor Project has reported that after the episode aired, the hotline experienced triple the amount of volume.

“What was great about the show is that they worked in conjunction with us so we knew in advance that there was going to in all likelihood be an increase in volume,” says The Trevor Project Co-Founder Peggy Rajski. “What happened was the volume went up about 300 percent, but we were ready. On average, our site probably attracts about an average of 1,500 visits a day. Tuesday we got 10,000. There’s the power of network TV.”

Check out the compelling video featuring Young the Giant’s “Cough Syrup:”