Tonight: It Gets Better

Dan Savage presents three coming out stories on MTV

Tonight, we’ll meet Aydian, Greg and Vanessa, a trans man who wants to marry, a closeted student president and a lesbian hoping for family acceptance. The three are featured on a special premiering tonight – It Gets Better (11 p.m.). Named for the groundbreaking anti-bullying campaign that went viral, the special was created by Dan Savage and MTV to explore real-life coming out stories.

“Who knew a single video would turn into a worldwide movement?” asks Savage, who posted the first “It Gets Better” video with his partner more than a year ago. It has since inspired more than 40,000 others to do the same around the world with more than 50 million views.

“The best part is it’s making a difference,” says Savage, who admits that tonight’s premiere is an extension of the viral campaign. “We follow three brave young people who are making it better.”

Check it out: