A Philadelphian’s Guide to Learning … Anything

A class for every skill

Speak Spanish! Make jam! Fly a helicopter!

And why would you want to do that?   

Because boredom is the enemy. Because if you’re not changing, you’re dying. Because it’s New-Year-New-You time, with all the baggage that brings. But mostly, because you’ve always wanted to learn how to tap-dance or sing or build an armoire and just never knew where to start. 

Reader, here’s where you start. We’ve rounded up the people to teach you what
you want to learn and the places around Philly where you can practice without exposing yourself to mockery, then calculated exactly how much time and cold cash it will take you to learn your new skill. 

So what are you waiting­ for? Go learn. Be a better you. Here’s how.

In-Depth Lessons:

Learn to Read Tarot
Learn to Stop Crying in Inappropriate Situations
Learn to Sing
Learn to Box
Learn to Kill a Chicken
Learn to Ride a Bike
Learn to Make Awesome Gravy
Learn to Dance


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