LGBT Political Victories

Several openly gay and lesbian candidates were elected around the country yesterday

Courtesy of Adam Ebbin

As Philadelphians went to the polls yesterday, voters around the country elected several openly gay and lesbian candidates into office.

Houston mayor Annise Parker, a lesbian, was reelected by more than half of the votes. “I am proud of our progress, but I know there is much more work to be done if we want to make sure Houston lives up to our full promise and potential,” Parker says on her website.

Courtesy of LaWana Mayfield

The fourth-largest city in the country also elected its first openly gay man – Mike Laster – to city council.

And in Virginia, Adam Ebbin became the state’s first openly gay senator, defeating Republican Timothy McGhee. LaWana Mayfield became the first openly gay elected official in Charlotte, N.C., where the Democratic National Convention will be held next year.

And in Cincinnati, Chris Seelbach was elected to city council. And in Holyoke, Mass., the mayoral incumbent was defeated by 22-year-old Alex Morse.