Philadelphia School District Further Slashes Budget

Plus, the Flyers lost, Wegman's recalled pine nuts, a Washington Avenue jewelry store was robbed, and more what Philly is buzzing about today

School District Makes More Budget Cuts. The Philadelphia School District’s financial woes have been well documented. With school closings, teacher layoffs, and spending reduced across the city, the School Reform Commission revealed yesterday that they’ll still need to cut a total of about $39 million district wide. [CBS 3]

Flyers Fall to Hapless Habs. The Flyers dropped last night’s game in a 5-1 loss to Montreal. Montreal fired an assistant coach just an hour or so before puck drop and it looked like they were more intense and more focused than the visitors all evening long. Luckily, it’s just one of 84. [The 700 Level]

D.A. Pays Jailed Witness $255,000. In 2005, a woman was jailed to ensure she’d testify in a murder trial. When the trial was postponed a couple of months, then Assistant District Attorney Gina Maisto Smith decided not to bother going to the court to see if the woman could be released. So, the witness sat in prison and, now, has settled after filing a lawsuit against Smith for her unconstitutional conduct. She was paid $255,000. [Inquirer]

Wegman’s Recalls Pine Nuts For Salmonella. If you bought pine nuts from the bulk section at a Wegman’s between July and two weeks ago, your purchase has been recalled because there’s a chance the nuts are contaminated with Salmonella. []

$200,000 Worth of Jewelry Stolen in Heist. Someone’s been watching too many heist films and it seems to have paid off—literally. Last night someone scaled a building on Washington Avenue and crossed a roof lined with barbed wire. They entered the building via a hatch in the roof, then cut through walls, a steel cage, and then the massive jewelry safe to make off with $200,000 in goods. [6 ABC]

State Senate Passes School Vouchers Bill. A proposed bill granting vouchers to students from low-income families attending failing schools was passed by Pennsylvania’s State Senate yesterday. The State House is a little more wary of the vouchers issue and hasn’t agreed to take on the bill this year. [Inquirer]