How To … Make A Classic Martini at Home

Gather Your Tools
Gin, vermouth (sweet or dry or both), a large glass, a small glass, ice, a spoon and an olive.

Pour Like a Pro
You probably don’t have a jigger at home, so measure like a busy bartender: by counting. Put ice in the big glass. Pour gin (not vodka) while counting to three. Then add vermouth while counting one—or just a splash, if you like yours very dry.

Don’t shake. Shaking bruises the gin and makes it sad. It also makes for a
weaker martini, because it forces the ice to chip and melt quickly. Stir with the handle part of your spoon.

If you have a martini glass, use it. If not, use a rocks glass, a coffee mug, your favorite Star Wars commemorative glass, whatever. If you have a cocktail strainer, use it. If you have a baking sieve, use that—balanced on top of the small glass to catch the ice. Otherwise, use the spoon part of your spoon to hold back the cubes while you pour from the big glass into the small one. Got some liquid left over? That’s just a bonus.

Garnish with an olive
Because you can still be classy even when drinking a coffee mug martini in your underpants.