How To … Cure a Hangover

1) Two aspirin before …
Not acetaminophen; aspirin. Wash ’em down with that last shot if you have to.

2) … And two  aspirin after

Same the next morning, first thing.

3) Then water
Lots of water, because half of your problem on the morning after is your brain being like a sponge left out in the sun. Rehydrate with room-temp H2O or flat ginger ale.

4) Toast
Dry toast. If you can manage it, burnt dry toast. You need something in your
stomach to convince your body it isn’t dead.

5) Honey, vitamins C and B6, cold fruit

In that order. The honey will soothe your throat and juice you up with sugar. The vitamins will speed recovery. And the fruit can be taken in the form of a Bloody Mary.

6) Hair of the dog
Yes, it works. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But don’t try it until you can stand without falling down and eat without barfing. A salted michelada has always done the trick for us.