Philadelphia’s Best Bars

Our 85 favorite places to start a tab


McMenamin’s Tavern
If you’re looking for a crowd to watch the Eagles game with in Mount Airy, this is the spot. It’s loud, it’s crowded, and the staff seems always on the edge of collapse, but the beer list is fantastic, and the food is almost as good. 7170 Germantown Avenue, 215-247-9920.

Pickering Creek Inn
A charming spot outside the city, and perfect for beer people who want to watch the Phillies: They’ve got a great list, knowledgeable bartenders, TVs, and plenty of new friends for you.

Drake Tavern
If you judge a bar by the number of TVs it has, the Drake is your Nirvana—an archetypal after-work sports bar with an outdoor deck and a decent selection of microbrews.

Chickie’s & Pete’s
There are Philly expats who cross state lines just to get a drink and some crabfries at the original Chickie’s & Pete’s, in Mayfair. Spend a night here when the Phils or Eagles are playing and you’ll understand why.

700 Club
The best Philly soccer bar housed in a former chicken slaughterhouse.