Philadelphia’s Best Bars

Our 85 favorite places to start a tab


Silk City
There are those among us who would sooner die than drink inside Silk City, but we love sitting out in the beer garden. It’s always a friendly mix of people, and good for large groups.

Triumph Brewing Company
The brunch stout is like drinking a small fishbowl of warm French toast.

Victory Brewing Company
A serious beer drinker living too close to Victory Brewing Company’s bar is like David Duchovny living down the street from a whorehouse: fun, sure, but it’s not going to lead to anything good.

Belgian Cafe
Everyone loves the beer and mussels at Monk’s, but the Belgian has the advantage of being just as good and only half as crowded.

The Pineville Tavern
The place was built in 1742, and it still feels like if you squint just right, you can see Ben Franklin and George Washington hoisting tankards in the corner—only without all the cheesy Disney World fakeness of drinking at City Tavern.

McKenzie Brew House
A microbrewery and restaurant for Malvern beer snobs and burger-seekers.

Monk’s Cafe
Because when that bus drove through it last year, our first worry was actually the beer collection.

Good Dog
It’s mostly a hipster gathering place these days, but the beers are still great, the menu is killer, and if you time it just right, you can have the entire third floor to yourself.

Standard Tap
As good for draft beers on Saturday night as it is for brunch on Sunday morning. If they put out cots, some of us would just live here on the weekends.

Dock Street Brewing Company
If you’re a fan of Dock Street’s brews (and we are), you can’t get any closer to the source than this. Obviously, you’re coming for the beer, but the menu is surprisingly good, too.

Grace Tavern
With a great beer list and a full menu served till 2 a.m. (which means frites and sausages right up until last call), Grace is the neighborhood bar you wish was in your neighborhood. It might also be the only place in town that makes us excited to eat green beans.

Brauhaus Schmitz
Where else, Renaissance Faires aside, can you order an authentic German beer served in a massive stein and brought to you by waitresses in St. Pauli Girl outfits?

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