Top 5 of the Week

What you should've been reading

1. “Fire Charlie Manuel” by Dan McQuade
And Ryan Howard and Chase Utley and the Phanatic. If the Phillies ever want to win another game, they better start from scratch … Right? Read more.

2. “The Founding Fathers Would Have Been Protesters at Occupy Wall Street” by Christopher Moraff
How corporations and their lackeys changed America. Read more.

3. “People Pleasing: From Occupy Philly to SEPTA Diplomacy” by Liz Spikol
Why can’t we all just get along? Because some folks—like me—feel compelled to appease. Read more.

4. “Why Did the Police Target the Mummers Prostitutes?” by Victor Fiorillo
The six-week undercover investigation doesn’t make sense when cops are ignoring the sex-for-sale businesses in plain sight. Read more.

5. “Philly Theater Etiquette 101: Shut Up” by Erica Palan
Anecdotal evidence that the epic rudeness of arts-loving Philadelphians spans across all racial, economic and class barriers. Read more.