Philly Lines Up for iPhone 4S

Plus: Chris Christie still isn't running for president, a teacher in Jersey is accused of gay bashing on Facebook, a deal for the Orchestra, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today

Orchestra and Musicians Approve Agreement. The Philadelphia Orchestra Association and the union of musicians have reached a new collective bargaining agreement. [FOX 29]

Chris Christie Is Sick of the Speculation. After recently announcing (formally) that he will not be running for president in 2012, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has come out and complained about having to continuously answer the same question. He’s not running for president and wants the world to move on. [CBS 3]

New Jersey Teacher Accused of Gay Bashing on Facebook. A teacher in New Jersey allegedly posted homophobic remarks on her personal Facebook page. New Jersey has a strict anti-bullying policy, and the teacher is being investigated. [FOX 29]

Cabbie in Camden Stabbed Over Fare. A cab driver in Camden was hospitalized with multiple stab wounds after being attacked during an argument over a seven-dollar cab fare. [6 ABC]

People Line Up for iPhone 4s. There’s a line of people in front of the Apple store on Walnut Street in Center City because people are anxious to get their hands on the iPhone 4s. []

North Philly Bus Station Gets $5 Million Renovation. The U.S. Department of Transportation has pledged $5 million to help rehabilitate the bus stop at North 33rd and Dauphin. [Philadelphia Business Journal]