The Big Gay Fall TV Preview

What's it in for LGBT audiences?

As the summer winds down (as does our having to watch old reruns of Sex and the City over and over again) we’re getting ready for a new fall lineup on the boob tube. Along with the sweaters we’re starting to unpack, some of our favorite shows are also making their much-anticipated return. This season, there are even a few new comedies and dramas that are already setting off our gaydar.

They’re Ba-aack

Bono wrote about his experience becoming a man before signing up for DWTS

Have you already started setting up the DVR? Because controversy be darned, Dancing With the Stars kicks off the season when Chaz Bono and Carson Kressley show off their fancy footwork. We just wish Kressley would’ve been able to nab himself a same-sex partner. Can’t you just see him doing the cha-cha with Maxim?

How I Met Your Mother also returns – in case you couldn’t get enough of Neil Patrick Harris on all those kooky Comcast commercials this summer (not for nothing, but Comcast has used two openly gay and lesbian TV stars – Harris and Jane Lynch – to hype its primo offerings).

Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester in Glee (courtesy of Fox)

And yep, we’re ready for the track suit to return on Glee, which promises some surprise twists and farewells to a few favorite characters. Don’t these kids ever graduate?

The 2.0 version of 90210 has also introduced a few gay and lesbian characters (or at least questioning ones). We expect to see much of the same on the nighttime soap. Same goes for Desperate Housewives where there’s never a shortage of camp drama and humor (thank you, Alec Mapa).

Modern Family will also still be making us laugh as our favorite gay Dads navigate life, brunch and other assorted sitcom situations. Sofia Vergara isn’t hard on the eyes either.

Speaking of eye candy, America’s Next Top Model also tends to make us giddy with laughter, but not for the same reasons. We’re hoping for some Sapphic suspense this season (the show’s no stranger to introducing audiences to lesbian and bisexual contestants – and Tyra’s predictable stink eye).

Last season, Callie and Arizona tied the knot on Gray's Anatomy (courtesy of ABC)

Two words: Benson and Stabler. Sure, we can waste away entire afternoons watching reruns of Law & Order: SVU, but nothing beats brand spanking new Olivia and Elliot badge-slinging. Sniff. Sniff. Can you smell the sexual tension?

We’re also desperately trying to catch up on the the last season of Gray’s Anatomy on Netflix before its big premiere this season. Will Callie and Arizona make it? Sure hope so. Will there be more singing? Sure hope not. Paging, Doctor McDreamy…

The Office also comes back, but we sure do miss Michael. Will James Spader be able to fill his shoes?

Parenthood, one of our favorite shows, could stand a little lavender love. Even though the LGBT piece is missing from the puzzle plot, we’ll still be watching the Bravermans. Gotta love a dysfunctional family with dinner table drama (we’ve been detoxing ever since Brothers & Sisters went off the air).

In the New

A few new shows have us shivering with antici…pation. And some seem to be inspired, in part, by the wild success of Mad Men (sure wish that show was back this season). To tide us over there’s The Playboy Club. But don’t worry, as much as we love her, we won’t get all Gloria Steinem on you for watching. We, too, want to see some retro bunnies serving up sexy sips.

Pan Am also cashes in its vintage card. A lot of critics are already poo-pooing it, but we’re hoping Christina Ricca (and her extra-large forehead) can save this flight before it goes down.

Hipsters may be happy to know that Zooey Deschanel is the New Girl, a quirky chick who moves in with a couple of dudes. Another wise cracker is Whitney Cummings, who stars in Whitney. We love the trailers so far. Check it out:

Want more laughs? Up All Night may be just the thing. This comedy vehicle for Christina Applegate and Will Arnett pokes fun at new parents and their boozy best friend.

As we all know, Hollywood loves bringing back oldies (unfortunately). That might explain Charlie’s Angels. We miss the cat suits and bellbottoms that Fawcett and the others first made famous, even if Drew Barrymore is producing this reboot.

Simon Cowell brings us The X Factor. And with all the would-be talent, he brings along Paula Abdul. No telling what she’ll be imbibing this time around. We’ve missed these two.

If, like the Girl Scouts, we could give out merit badges, Prime Suspect would get the “lesbian” patch for sure. Maria Bello (hot) takes on the tough-talking role Helen Mirren made famous across the pond. We can’t wait to see a smart female character on TV to rebuff all the “real” housewives” and Jersey girls. Check out a preview: