Top 5 Posts of the Week

What you should've been reading

1. “Hurricane Irene Conspiracy Theories” by Larry Mendte
Skeptics doubted the media, with good reason. Read more.

2. “Shane Victorino Fashion Show” by HughE Dillon
The Phillies strut on the runway, Hunter Pence strips (and attends with a Playmate date), Jen Utley shows off her maternity style and more. Read more.

3. “Why Rick Perry Should Never, Ever Be President” by Christopher Moraff
From his attacks on science and the environment to his fringe religious beliefs, the candidate’s not who we want in the White House. Read more.

4. “10 Live Arts and Fringe Artists You Need to Know” by Victor Fiorillo
Inside the heads of Philly’s most talented. Read more.

5. “Hurricane Irene Victim Gets Little Sympathy” by Michael Callahan
Or, how I was reminded that when someone asks how you are, they don’t really want the truth. Read more.