Criminalize Homosexuality?

That's what the American Family Association would like to do

The last remaining sodomy laws may have been overturned eight years ago by the Supreme Court, but the American Family Association, a conservative group, would like to make homosexuality a crime. That’s what Bryan Fischer, a spokesman for the anti-gay group, told listeners on his talk show recently.

“By the time of the founding until the late 20th century, homosexual activity was a felony offense in the United States of America,” he said. “There is no reason why it cannot be a criminal offense once again. Absolutely none.”

The group also condemned Home Depot for hosting a float during this summer’s San Francisco Gay Pride, calling it “shocking.” The float featured a paint can with the words “true colors” on it pouring out a rainbow. Fischer also thinks gay people should be fined for having unprotected sex. We’d be interested to find out how he’d like to police that. Does thou protest too much?

Who else is tired of hate groups hiding behind words like “family?”

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