Top 5 Posts of the Week

Here's what you should've been reading over the past seven days

1. “Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show” by HughE Dillon
The Phillies strut on the runway, Hunter Pence strips (and attends with a Playmate date), Jen Utley shows off her maternity style and more. Read more.

2. “Teacher Sues Council Rock School District” by Victor Fiorillo
Kerri Gubelli files in federal court, pointing to Council Rock South’s unruly students. Read more.

3. “14 Signs You’re From the Main Line” by Beth Capriotti
This list is not about candy stripers and milk in glass bottles. Read more.

4. “Why Arlene Ackerman Failed” by Patrick Kerkstra
What she could have learned from Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. Read more.

5. “A Few Thoughts on the Death of Joey Vento” by Johnny Goodtimes
Why I found the cheesesteak king so infuriating. Read more.