What We Love: Equality Wristbands

Wear your heart on your sleeve - or at least your wrist

Photos courtesy of HRC

HRC’s new rainbow wristbands help show support of LGBT rights no matter what your sexual orientation or gender identity may be. The bands are available in six bold rainbow colors with the famous HRC equal sign and the message “Equality: Nothing More Nothing Less.”

The bands are only $2 each – or you can mix and match or collect all six for $10. (The discount will appear during check out).

HRC also has a few other bands available, including bracelets with messages like “Love Conquers Hate” and “Same Sex Love” for up to $10. Proceeds from the sale of all HRC goods benefit LGBT initiatives around the country.

The wristbands and other items, like tees, watches and messenger bags, are available at the HRC’s online shop and select stores around the country (the closest brick and mortar for Philly folks is in Washington, D.C.).