Explosions Near 15th and Bainbridge

Two days after another neighborhood fire

Got a call from someone who reported that three cars just blew up in a parking lot near 15th and Bainbridge and that the streets are closed down. So I got on the phone with Jack Prince, owner of Bob & Barbara’s at 1509 South. He says he was having lunch at Sawatdee, the new Thai place on the corner, when the street went black. “All of a sudden, smoke was everywhere,” says Prince. “It was scary.”

Prince says he heard that someone tried unsuccessfully to set a car on fire behind a barber shop closer to 16th Street before succeeding around the corner on Bainbridge. He believes police have made an arrest, which PPD is unable to confirm at this time. Just two nights ago, there was a fire at the Baja Room at 15th and South.

We’ll update as warranted.