One of Us: Jen Utley

She may be Philly royalty (and have a toothpaste-ad smile and be the Mother Teresa of abused animals), but Jen Utley has spent her summer doing exactly what you’ve been doing: watching the Phils and cheering for Chase. (Stars! They are just like us! With better seats!) Here, she covers her love of vampire dramas, her California dreamin’, and the newest (non-dog) addition to the Utley fam

My full name is … Jennifer Cooper Utley.
I am a … Pisces.
I was born in … San Francisco.
I’ve lived in Philadelphia for … six baseball seasons.
The thing I like most about myself is … my sense of humor.
One thing I would change about myself is … how frustrated I get when things don’t go as I expect them to.
My greatest extravagance is … my wardrobe.
The best place I’ve ever seen is … hard to narrow down. Some of my top spots are Botswana, Paris, Florence and Switzerland.
My pets are … Jack, my three-year-old rescue pit bull, and Sebastian and Sugar, my two rescue cats from L.A.
My nickname is … Jen. Totally boring, I know.
The most important thing I’ve ever done is … raise awareness and money for abused animals.
The best thing I own is … my vintage Hermès Médor watch.
The best restaurant in Philly is … Too many to list! I do love Radicchio, Barbuzzo, Melograno … This is making me hungry.
The question I get asked the most is … “Do you think Chase would mind signing … ”
My greatest fear is … being in a plane crash.
The best book I’ve ever read is … This will make me sound either extremely intellectual or like a teenybopper, so I will refrain from providing a title.
The best thing on TV isTrue Blood.
Right now, I’m excited about … our new house in California.
I think Phillies fans are … not to be messed with.
I’m just so sick of … irrelevant stories in the news.
My favorite spot in Philadelphia is … my seats at Citizens Bank Park during the postseason.
One thing this city doesn’t have that it really needs is … streets that you can actually drive on without damaging your car.
One thing I miss about the place I grew up is … everything. Marin County is one of the most beautiful places in this country.
I found the love of my life … at UCLA my senior year.
My last meal on earth would be … guacamole, a thin-crust margherita pizza, a red velvet cupcake and a margarita.
My favorite song is … any ’80s love ballad.
My child … Stay tuned.