D.C. Bar Runs Special Mocking Jayson Werth

Patrons pay Werth's batting average for a beer

Places like Seattle and Pittsburgh—where mathematical elimination from playoff contention is often closer to the All-Star break than October—tend to have bars running this type of promotion with some regularity. Now Washington has joined the club by making former Phillie Jayson Werth the butt of their new promotion. Beer cost fluctuates with Werth’s (dismal) batting average. Right now, he’s batting .212 so beers are $2.12. If that wasn’t enough of a dis, the bar is also giving out free shots of Tullamore Dew to anyone wearing Nats garb when Werth gets a hit. That won’t cost them much, seeing as how he’s only recorded 73 hits in 344 at bats. Kudos to Washington on $126 million well spent. [Crossing Broad]