Wharton’s Coursekit Leaves for New York City

New tech company left Philly for bigger pond

Three UPenn students created Coursekit, intended to challenge Blackboard as the go-to for universities and professors wishing to conduct scholastic activities online, and have since moved the company to New York City. Founder Joseph Cohen cites New York’s larger network for tech-minded companies as the catalyst for the move. It’s also important to note that Cohen grew up a New Yorker. Coursekit isn’t the first Wharton-born tech start-up spawned at Penn’s Wharton School of Business—Ticketleap and Invite Media also started there. Invite Media has since bailed on the City of Brotherly Love. Between the upcoming Philly Geek Awards and the announcement of Philly Merge at Wharton, the Scoop had been under the impression that Philadelphia was pretty geek-friendly. [Technically Philly]