MTV Will (Not?) Recast “Jersey Shore” for Season 6

Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the cast to be replaced

Just when the Scoop had finally given up on saving the Jersey shore from the Jersey Shore, MTV announces they’re adding a new cast of pseudo-celebs-to-be into the mix. Because that’s exactly what our beach towns need—more people illegally parking on Central Ave, fist-pumping in the bars and fist-fighting on the boards. The Scoop knows Pauly D has his illustrious DJ career to fall back on, but wonders what the others who drink, argue, fight, GTL and smush for living will do for a day job after hanging up their gaudy heels and Ed Hardy jeans. [MSNBC]

Update: MTV has come out an denied rumors that it will recast Jersey Shore. [Access Hollywood]