Vote in Our Best of Philly Flash Polls

Why you shouldn't avoid every clipboard-wielding person you see on the street

In Philadelphia’s primary elections last month, only something like 17 percent of registered voters actually voted—a pretty disgraceful turnout for the city that’s the Cradle of Liberty. Instead of just writing about that, I’ve decided to take to the streets with an army of interns on a mission to show people how important voting can be.

I kid, I kid! (Sort of. Voting is important, Philly—City Council is proof of that, no?)

My real mission this month as editor of our annual Best of Philly issue is to bop about town with an army of interns to collect your votes for our upcoming Best of Philly issue. We’re going to be showing up all over the city over the next few weeks (you’ll know us by our sweet Best of Philly t-shirts, our Best of Philly megaphones and our Best of Philly placards), and asking you to cast a vote for something you love about our city.

And though we’ll be holding clipboards like those kids who stop you to ask for money for the whales and the children and whatnot, I promise that we’re not asking for anything but your opinion on just one question. So you don’t need to pretend to be on your cell phone, or to turn up your iPod, or to run the other way: We’re just dying to know what you think about important things like, say, whether Yards or Yuengling is the best Philly beer, or whether a Krimpet is a tastier Tastykake than a Kandykake.

Recent voters in Rittenhouse cast their votes for either Parc or Rouge as their favorite Square hotspot; shoppers at the King of Prussia Mall voted between Rocky and The Philadelphia Story as the best Philly movie. (Shocking and not-so-shocking results will be published in our Best of Philly issue in August!)

So if you, reader, see us suddenly appear at your favorite lunch spot later today or at the big game this weekend, please stop and cast your vote for our Best of Philly poll. You’ll get a sticker—and the satisfaction of exercising your right to a voice in this city.

Maybe that feeling will even catch on in time for the next election?

(And while you’re in the voting mood, take a peek at our Best of Philly brackets and weigh in!)