Who Will You Vote For?

An LGBT guide to the Pennsylvania primary

The Pennsylvania primary election is just around the corner on May 17th. If you’re still considering who you may cast your vote for, Equality Pennsylvania, an organization dedicated to securing equal rights for the state’s LGBT community, recently announced its endorsements.

“This was a terrific process with a strong pool of interested candidates from which to select,” says Board President Brian Sims from Philadelphia. “We used questionnaires and interviews to come to our decisions, and I think our endorsements provide a unique mix of candidates from across the political spectrum and state. The goal of Equality Pennsylvania is to help elect LGBT people and allies to office everywhere. This is just the beginning.”

Endorsed candidates include:

Det Ansinn – Bucks County Commissioner, Democrat

Geoffrey Brace – Lehigh County Commissioner, Democrat

Kathryn Boockvar – Judge, Commonwealth Court, Democrat

John C. Campbell – Harrisburg City Treasurer, Democrat

Dan Clifford – Judge – 38th Judicial District, Republican

Sherrie Cohen – Philadelphia City Council, At Large, Democrat

Geraldine Delevich – New Hope Borough Council, Democrat

Diane M. Ellis-Marseglia – Bucks County Commissioner, Democrat

Jeanette Eichenwald – Allentown City Council, Democrat

Casey Evans – Luzerne County Council, Democrat

Michael Fedor – Cumberland County Commissioner, Democrat

Joe Grace – Philadelphia City Council – First District, Democrat

Gloria L. Hamm – Lehigh County Commissioner, At Large, Democrat

Brad Koplinski – Harrisburg City Council, Democrat

Malcolm Lazin – Philadelphia City Council, At Large, Republican

Hugh F. McGough – Magisterial District Judge for Magisterial District 05-2-35

(Pittsburgh), Democrat

Lucille Prater-Holliday – Pittsburgh City Council – District 9, Democrat

Marlene Pray – Doylestown Borough Council -Ward 1, Democrat

Blondell Reynolds Brown – Philadelphia City Council, At Large, Democrat

Peter G. Schweyer – Allentown City Council, Democrat

Elinor Warner – Easton City Council, At Large

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