Flyers Win!

Plus Joey Vento's conspiracy theory, why NJ gas stations are under federal investigation, how the Phillies are making money off your engagement and more of what Philly is talking about today

Flyered Up! After kicking the Sabres’ asses, the Flyers will advance to the second round of the Stanley Cup finals. [Broad Street Bull]

Michael Nutter Has Priorities. The Mayor talks to JUMP, Philly’s newest music magazine, about why everyone should hire professional DJs. [YouTube]

Michael Nutter Does Not, However, Have Endorsements. At least not from the city’s unions. District Council 47, which represents white-collar workers, has decided to withhold its endorsement in the primary. Union prez Cathy Scott said, “Any endorsement of Michael Nutter was made impossible by the actions of Michael Nutter.” Ouch. [Clout]

Joey Vento’s Pissed. He offered to donate some horse trailers to the PPD, but the police department had to turn it down when Vento demanded a plaque with his name be showcased. Vento thinks this is somehow linked to his controversial “This is America: When Ordering, Speak English” sticker. [Philly Gossip]

Feds Investigate NJ Gas Stations. The federal labor department is concerned that gas stations have been paying attendents less than the minimum wage and withholding overtime. Ya know, maybe NJ stations could save some money by letting people pump their own gas. [MyFoxPhilly]

These Aren’t Your Mom’s Curlers. The USA Curling National Championships is coming to the Philadelphia region next year. Curling is the Olympic “sport” where people slide stones across ice. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

More Reasons to Loathe the PLCB. In case you never read the fine print on your Groupon, the Liquor Control Board wants to remind you that booze isn’t included in your discount because of Pennsylvania’s archaic laws. [CBS3]

Now, That’s Romance. As part of a new sponsorship program, coupons for engagement rings and wedding bands at Benari and the opportunity to become a Benari Bride will be offered to those engaged at Citizens Bank Park. Because nothing says “I love you” like coupons and a JumboTron. [The Fightins]