Curt Weldon Negotiating with Gadhafi in Libya

The former U.S. rep from our seventh district hopes to convince Moammar to step down

Maybe the last time you heard Republican Curt Weldon’s name, he had just lost his U.S. House of Representatives seat to Joe Sestak in the November 2006 election—shortly after the FBI had raided the home of Weldon’s daughter. Well, while in office, the Delco politician led a few congressional visits to Libya, and he’s back there today. According to his New York Times op-ed piece, he was invited by Gadhafi’s chief of staff.

First, we must engage face-to-face with Colonel Qaddafi and persuade him to leave, as my delegation hopes to do. I’ve met him enough times to know that it will be very hard to simply bomb him into submission.