More ‘He Said, She Said’ From Larry and Alycia

Straddling, fondling and narcisstic sociopaths

In a recent deposition about their ongoing legal disputes, Larry Mendte and Alycia Lane told very different stories about their off-screen relationship. Mendte claims it was quite salacious, giving one notable example. “Alycia unhooked her seat belt and— actually, while I was driving, straddled me and started kissing me, and we—I pulled off to the side of the road and that continued for a while. There was some fondling,” he told lawyers. Lane denies this, calling Mendte “a sociopathic narcissist” and pointing to a time when she chided him for wanting to kiss her. “A kiss is cheating, Larry,” she claims to have said. “You’re a married man.”  [NY Post] The Scoop knows what you’re thinking: Who even cares anymore? But the fact remains: This years-old drama is still more interesting than whatever Action News is leading with at 5 p.m.

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