Stoned to Death in Pa.

A senior citizen is murdered in Lansdowne

John Joe Thomas, 28, is under arrest for the violent murder of Murray Seidman, a 70-year-old man who was found beaten to death in his Lansdowne apartment early this year. According to the New York Daily News, Thomas claims he stoned the senior citizen to death after Seidman made advances toward him. Thomas allegedly cited the Old Testament’s advisement to stone homosexuals to death.

“I stoned Murray with a rock in a sock,” Thomas told police, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Seidman, who was a laundry worker at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital, was born with brain damage, but managed to live an independent life.

The Daily News reports that Delaware County medical examiner Frederic Hellman ruled that Seidman was dead for as many as 10 days before his body was discovered. Thomas – who’s being held without bail – claims that he was told to kill the man from a message received in his prayers.

While the relationship between the two has not been established, Thomas was the sole beneficiary in the deceased man’s will.