Spring Fashion Trends

The hottest looks this season for men. By Matthew Izzo

Matthew Izzo

Have you noticed that spring clothes have already landed in some of your favorite stores? It’s that time of year to clean out your closet (literally and metaphorically) and go shopping.

Here are some of the hottest trends that will keep you guys looking your finest this season.

Men’s accessories are really popular this spring. So get yourself a sexy assortment of bags and jewelry for stylish looks every day of the week, whether you’re heading to the office – or happy hour.

Accessories can include leather or silver bracelets or pendants. And the man’s bag – also known as the “murse” – has grown. You don’t have to be stuck with a traditional messenger bag any more. You can grab a bag that’s big enough to stow away one of Paris’ puppies, as well as your Kindle, iPod and every other can’t-live-without-item in your world.

The next big trend – and don’t say I’m crazy – will have you rethinking pants. Why? Because, brace yourself, pleats are back. Designers have recreated the pleated chino and I couldn’t be happier. Just make sure you buy a fitted pair and you’ll be ready and set to go this season. A perfect pair of pleated khakis is the right look for grabbing a seat at one of your favorite outdoor cafes along Rittenhouse – or taking a drive to the country for the weekend.

Denim, denim, denim is, as always, in style. And a good pair of jeans can make all the difference in your spring look. But it’s important to have jeans to fit different lifestyle cues and times of day. Consider a dark, European-fitted jean for a night out on the town. Then go for a more relaxed wash while sipping Cafe Americanos at 12th Street Coffee. Or, if you’re young enough and daring enough, flaunt a few pairs of skinny jeans. Yes, they’re still in style this season, even if your mom still hates them.

Matthew Izzo is the owner of Matthew Izzo. Look for his new boutique in the Gayborhood.