5 Grown-Up Spring Break Trips

Just because you're too grown-up for beer funnels and tequila shots doesn't mean you don't have the right to a vacation escape. Here are five trendy trips to cure cabin fever.

Annapolis: Take the family for a nautical-fun weekend on the Chesapeake Bay. (Don’t tell the kids, but you can even work in a history lesson.)

Bermuda: Head to golf heaven—with pink-sand beaches and warm-aloe massages for when you’re not on the course.

Delray Beach: Escape for a girls’ weekend in Florida for shopping, spa treatments and alfresco dining (plus cupcakes). 

St. George: Looking for renewal? Head to Utah for some solo soul-searching or to jump-start a fitness goal.

Hot Springs: Put the fireplace poker down and back away from your partner. Then get your once-adventurous selves to breathing the fresh Virginia mountain air.