Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts

A scent, a bauble and all the chocolate you can eat. By Matthew Izzo

Courtesy of Matthew Izzo

As many of you may already know, I sometimes create my own furniture and colognes. That’s why I created a new fragrance for men called Z just in time for Valentine’s Day. This sexy, mind-blowing fragrance offers a deep musky scent that’s a little woodsy and even a little sweet. It’s a great gift for your man for Valentine’s Day, especially if he likes the idea of smelling like an original.

Jewelry isn’t just a girl’s best friend. It’s also a great gift for the guys. Luckily, Ven and Vaida, a gallery and jewelry shop in Old City, keeps both sexes in mind. They carry a very creative collection of vintage and new baubles by artists and designers from Philadelphia

Courtesy of Ven and Vaida

and beyond. You’ll especially want to check out the gladiator-inspired rings and bracelets by Joseph Knight.

And while you’re at Ven and Vaida, don’t forget to browse the art. The

Dessert at Max Brenner

gallery often exhibits works by openly gay Philly artists like Ric Best. The current show features paintings inspired by the late great gay artist Keith Haring from New York native Manny Marzzallino (18 S. Third St., 215-592-4099).

If you prefer a date to a gift box, then take your sweetie to Max Brenner for some decadent desserts by the “bald guy.” The 15th Street eatery has a great chocolate bar where you can create your own cocoa concoctions while enjoying a cocktail. It’s a sweet and romantic place with lovely lighting (read: not too bright!) that’s filled with the intoxicating aroma of everyone’s favorite flavor (1500 Walnut St.,215-344-8150).

Matthew Izzo is the owner of Matthew Izzo, a furniture and clothing boutique in Old City. Coming soon: a second location in the Gayborhood. Check back for details.