Snow Day!

(But not for your Scoop editor.) Plus: Vick in paradise, Camden tax hike, fake murder confessions, and more of what Philly’s talking about this morning. Besides snow, of course

Thundersnow. Not sure if you’ve noticed, but we had quite the storm last evening. SEPTA buses aren’t running, regionals are way late. Schools are canceled. And if you’re parked on an emergency snow route, chances are your car has been towed.  [Newsworks] The storm also left 1,500 passengers stranded at the airport. [Fox 29]

Michael Vick Isn’t Snowed In, Though. No, he’s in Hawaii, prepping for Sunday’s Pro Bowl, and, perhaps, talking to some kids about why they shouldn’t be cruel to animals. Because, clearly, crime doesn’t pay. [Daily News]

Camden Wants to Raise Property Taxes. Now that it’s been cut off by the state and had to fire half its police force, its City Council voted to raise property taxes 23 percent, but it will need state approval to do so. [Inquirer]

Drunk Man Confesses to Fake Murder. Darby cops spent a few hours chasing their tails last night, after some drunk asshole showed up at the police station and told them that he’d killed a guy and thrown him off the bridge. They never found a body, nor any evidence of a crime. [Daily News]

Temple Is Hiring More Cops. While Temple says that no major crimes have been reported on its campus this school year, crime in surrounding neighborhoods is up, and it wants more patrols. [Daily News]

In Case You Need Some Snow Day Reading. Here’s the DN’s quick roundup of the Kermit Gossnell case. Nothing really new to report, but hey, it’s a snow day. [Daily News]