Governor-Elect Corbett: Chris Christie Clone?

Plus the other losers are Sestak, Lentz, Murphy (aka Democrats) and the 76ers, a big drug bust in A.C., Toll Brothers settles lawsuit with $25 million, and more stuff Philly's talking about today

Will Governor Corbett Be Chris Christie Clone? He referred to the NJ guv as a role model in his acceptance speech last night. PA teachers, hide your pensions! [Daily News, Philly Clout] Plus: The Republican Sweep … Toomey beats Sestak. [NY Times] And Fitzpatrick beats Murphy. [Bucks County Courier Times] And Meehan beats Lentz. [Inquirer] And Runyan beats Adler. [CBS3]

And Speaking of Losers … Ladies and Gentlemen, the 76ers. The basketball team lost to the Wizards last night 116-115. [Washington Post]

Toll Brothers Pays $25 Million to Settle Lawsuit. The homebuilder was accused of misleading investors but does not admit liability. Isn’t investing in real estate pretty much like smoking cigarettes now? [Business Journal]

Was Christine O’Donnell the Tea Party’s Biggest Mistake? The Delaware Republican candidate lost, but forget her witchcraft past. Seems Karl Rove’s the one who knows how to wield a crystal ball. Last night he said of O’Donnell, “This is a candidate who … mishandled a series of questions brought up by the press.” And to think, Katie Couric didn’t even get a crack at her. [Christian Science Monitor]

The McNabb Benching Story Continues. Three days later, the Redskins won’t shut up about pulling the QB from Sunday’s game. Why would they? Nobody’s paid this much attention to the D.C. football team in years. [Courier Post]

Squirrel Blamed for NJ High School Fire. Says the Road Runner: Wasn’t me this time! Worth the link just for the news graphic, really. [6ABC]

Did Philadelphia Man Stalk Actress? A trial for Charles Nagel starts today in New York. He’s accused of stalking Kathryn Erbe from Law & Order. Will Dick Wolf rip that from the headlines? [LA Times]

Drug Arrests at Phish A.C. Show. Dozens of people were collared at the band’s A.C. concert last weekend, and police confiscated shrooms, pot-laced Rice Krispies treats, LSD-laced cookies. Clever detective work … must have been like shooting fish in a barrel. []