Gayest Albums Ever

Looking for new tunes? Sing out these music masterpieces.

Out magazine compiled the big daddy of music recently, which includes 50 of the greatest (and gayest) albums of all time. If you’re looking for some new tunes to spruce up your iPod this season – how many more times can a person honestly listen to the painfully overplayed “The Fame Monster” without going gaga (and not in a good way)? – this list will have you hitting up iTunes before you can say “Take Your Mama Out.”

Among the artists included on the hot list are newbies, oldies and definitely goodies: George Michael, Elton John, YazAni Difranco, Pet Shop Boys, Rufus Wainwright and, of course, Madonna. It’s basically the catalog of tunes regularly played at gay bars from The Castro to Key West.

With respect to Out‘s discerning music editors, G Philly would also add to list: Liza Minnelli’s camp pop album Results (produced by the Pet Shop Boys), and anything by Joan Jett and Melissa Ferrick.