T.O.’s House in Moorestown Finally Sold

It only took five years. Plus: New SEPTA cars get rolling, Bill Clinton calls The Scoop, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Fancy New SEPTA Cars Get Rolling Today. They’re shiny, they’re cool, they’re made in South Korea. Three of them will go into service today; a batch more will follow next year. [Inquirer]

T.O.’s Moorestown House Finally Sold. Five years–yes, five years–after it first went on the market (T.O. has played for three teams since then). The house–which he paid $3.9 million for–was the site of the infamous “next question!” press conference. [Inquirer]

Clinton Stumps for Onorato, Then Calls the Scoop. Bill Clinton was in the area yesterday, trying to fire people up for Dan Onorato. Then, last night, Clinton called the Scoop’s house. When he heard his voice, The Scoop assumed the former Prez wanted to go cruising for chicks, but it was just a robo-call on behalf of Onorato (Next time, Bubba!) [Inquirer]

Four Days from the Election…and the Republicans Are Looking Strong. New polls show Toomey with either a five or seven point lead over Sestak, and Corbett comfortably ahead over Onorato. [Morning Call]

Say Goodbye to Jamie Moyer? The 47-year-old officially became a free agent yesterday, and it doesn’t look likely that the Phils will re-sign him. [The 700 Level]

Bill Green Wants to End the Blogger Tax. Okay, the tax doesn’t actually exist, but the city councilman wants to get rid of it anyway. (It’s complicated.) [Daily News]

Invasion of the Body Scanners! The Philly airport has begun using full-body scanners to make sure you’re not a terrorist. (At least The Scoop assumes you’re not a terrorist. Our Al Quada readership has never been high.) [6abc]