Josh Can’t Cook

A wannabe chef shares his mishaps

Photo courtesy of Josh Can't Cook

The Food Channel makes it look easy. But for one Philadelphia 20-something, the fine art of cooking is lost on him. That’s why he started the website Josh Can’t Cook, which explores the sometimes funny side of having two left feet, so to speak, in the kitchen.

“I really can’t cook,” says Josh Schonewolf, 29. “I’ve worked in restaurants on and off for 10 years and I always admire the chefs’ amazing skills.”

On the site, the wannabe foodie tackles recipes (he successfully baked a pumpkin pie) and defines techniques with a certain amount of humor (ok, so he burned the French toast). To blanche, or to briefly submerge in boiling water, is accompanied by a photo of Rue McClanahan. He’s also done the “truffle shuffle” and “did it all for the gnocchi.”

Obsessed with Martha Stewart, Schonewolf says he came up with the idea for the blog when a good friend brought his unfortunate culinary skills to light. “I am determined to finally learn and figured it would be funny to include people to watch my journey,” says the Italian Market denizen.

This week, Schonewolf launched a contest on Facebook in which one very eager fan will win a unique opportunity: he’ll cook for you. “It’s a dangerous prize,” muses the would-be chef. “I have a long way to go before I tackle Martha’s precise kitchen etiquette. I’m still burning dinner.”

Can’t get enough of Josh Can’t Cook? There’s also a YouTube page chock full of always charming and sometimes hilarious advice straight from Schonewolf’s own kitchen – complete with all the screw ups that tend to come with not always knowing his way around it.

But to quote one of his favorite television characters, Carrie Bradshaw, “Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate.”