Game One: Halladay vs. Lincecum

The shutout-throwing aces will open the NLCS on Saturday. Plus: The average Philly worker is apparently rolling in dough, the city's pension fund gets a public shaming, and more of what's news in Philly this morning

Wishful Thinking Is Masking the City’s Pension Crisis. In a new report, academic pension experts say the city’s calculations — which assume an annual investment return of 8.25 percent — are way out of whack. The city’s response? Don’t worry — we’ll just put more money in. [Inquirer, CBS 3]

National League Championship Game Times Are Set. Games one and two are here this weekend, then it’s out to San Fran for a day game Tuesday. [MLB]

And Game One Will Be a Pitching Duel for the Ages. Roy Halladay vs. Tim Lincecum. [Daily News]

The Average Philly Worker Makes 25 Bucks an Hour. Managers are tops at around $51 an hour; lowest are food-service workers at $8.75. [Business Journal]

So Much for the Boardwalk Empire Effect. Competition from Pennsylvania has led to revenue drops at all 11 Atlantic City casinos, and industry analysts are expecting a permanent downward trend. [Inquirer]