Earl’s Not Coming to Dinner

We may not see even a drop of rain. Plus: DRPA changes aren't enough for Gov. Christie, Michael Vick actually plays football, and more of what the city's talking about this morning

“Cupcake Kiosk” Doesn’t Have Quite the Same Ring. After her recent run-in with L&I, Cupcake Truck honcho Kate Carrara is considering a wheel-less way of vending her confections. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

Earl’s Giving Us a Wide Berth. The hurricane is tracking far enough to the east that the city may not even get rain. [6 ABC]

Vick Makes First Eagles Start. He played two series, leading the team to a field goal in a 21-17 preseason loss to the Jets. [CBS 3]

Christie Calls DRPA Policy Changes Inadequate. The New Jersey gov won’t let the agency’s board renew chief executive John Matheussen’s now-expired contract until he’s satisfied that the new policies are tougher. [Inquirer]

New Dean for Penn’s Medical School. J. Larry Jameson, currently the dean of Northwestern’s medical school, will take over from Arthur Rubenstein next summer. [Inquirer]

SEPTA Cars to Get Prius Brakes. The same technology that captures energy during braking in hybrid cars could save the transit agency millions a year. [NBC 10]