Pulse: Chatter: Naming Names

What will the blizzard babies be called?

September marks nine months since the first snowstorms hit last winter – and since all those cozy nights by the fire. So what will parents be calling their blizzard babies? Here, some reported trends by hospital. – Nora Kelly

Penn (West Philly): The Classics: Michael for boys, Grace and Emily for girls. Also, reports of “vehicular branding” – Porsche, Mercedes, Lexus.

Lankenau (Montgomery Co.):Lots of Grace, Ava, Lily, John, Joseph and Ryan (as in Howard?).

Riddle (Delaware Co.): The usual Grace, Emily, Rose, Jack, Joe, Michael – plus an uptick in Edward and Isabella (gah, Twilight) and, notably, Chase.

Our Lady of Lourdes (South Jersey):Parental combos – i.e., dad Alex + mom Cecilia = baby Alexia.

St. Mary (Bucks Co.): Biblical names, such as Leah, Noah and Luke. Also: Chase.