Take This Job and Shove It… into a Reality Show!

Who wouldn't want to watch a TV show where working stiffs tell off The Man?

News item: Ex-JetBlue flight attendant Steven “Take This Job and Shove It” Slater has been offered his own reality show.

Work it, flyboy.

Although it seems as if every borderline personality gets a reality show these days, Slater, already a rock star to many, is a sterling candidate. Given the right network, this thing could, well, fly.

Slater has given new meaning to the phrase “exit strategy.” After arguing with an unruly passenger on Aug. 9, he blasted an X-rated rant on the loudspeaker, grabbed two cold ones from the galley and slid down the inflatable emergency escape slide.

And you wonder why the airline’s motto is “Unforgettably Blue?”

Stone Entertainment — producer of reality hits “The Mole” (with Anderson Cooper, pre-CNN); “Top Design” and Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style” – is courting Slater to host a show that would feature abused workers who ditch their jobs in spectacular fashion, TMZ.com reports.

“Spectacular” being a relative term, we define it as having more drama than Joan Crawford with a wire hanger.

The timetable is iffy, given Slater faces up to seven years’ imprisonment on charges of criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and trespassing. Out on $2,500 bail, he’s enjoying his 15 minutes of celeb perks – like meeting Barry Manilow backstage after his concert in Atlantic City Saturday.

Oh, Mandy.

In any case, we’ve come up with a few titles for the proposed show, whenever it debuts:

“Chutes and Ladders with Steve.”

“Queer Fly for the Straight Guy.”

“If the Flag is at Half-Mast, the Post Office is Hiring.”

And our personal favorite, “Fuck You, Boss.”

The network? Bravo, of course. For starters, its lineup is already dominated by cheesy reality shows. For another, who wouldn’t say “Bravo!” to some harassed working stiff who quits his/her job in a style most of us can only dream of?

I, for one, say go for it.

GAIL SHISTER, TV columnist for the Inquirer for 25 years, teaches writing at Penn and is a columnist for tvnewser.com. She writes for The Philly Post on Tuesdays.