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Gail Shister

chris matthews
City Life

It Was Time for Chris Matthews to Go

Shister: The MSNBC host spent two decades denigrating women and interrupting people. Enough was enough.

Things to Do

An Open Letter to Stephen Colbert

Gail Shister: I’m having abandonment issues.

City Life

Why You Should Watch HBO’s “Looking”

Shister: Come for the gay sex, stay for the characters

City Life

Season 3 of Girls: Is Hannah Growing Up?

Shister: She has me worried.

City Life

Melissa Harris-Perry Should Stop Saying She’s Sorry

Shister: Too many apologies are as bad as not enough

City Life

Jew Eats Pork!

Shister: And other observations from a family celebration

City Life

Santa’s Not Brown. Neither Are His Reindeer.

Shister: Fox News’s Megyn Kelly was right!

City Life

Is Your Husband Gay?

And other things women Google about their spouse

City Life

Philly Needs an All-Chanukah Radio Station

Shister: Enough with your damn “Jingle Bells.” Give me “Lots of Latkes.”

City Life

Thanksgiving with the Cheney Family!

Shister: Don’t shoot somebody in the face again, okay, Dick?

City Life

Alec Baldwin Should Be Fired

Shister: After his latest homophobic slur, it’s time for MSNBC to can him.

City Life

Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry

Gail Shister: Sorry, Lara Logan, apology not accepted.

City Life

Media Screws Up LAX Shooting Story!

Shister: No one surprised!

City Life

Major TV News Anchor Outed As Gay!

Gail Shister: But the bigger story is that no one really seems to care.

Inquirer Building, 400 N. Broad Street
City Life

Inquirer: Old, Out-of-Touch, and Mostly Male

Where are the women with power?