Pulse: Chatter: Reel Life

When the storytellers become the story.

You win one Pulitzer, and suddenly everybody wants a piece of you — especially when you’re part of a duo of investigative reporters (and suburban moms) who spent a year exposing allegedly corrupt big-city narcotics cops. Such is the made-for-Hollywood story of the Daily News’s Wendy Ruderman, 40 (left), and Barbara Laker, 52 (right), who were besieged all spring with offers to take their tale big-screen. They’ve since signed with a literary agent and met with actor/producer Anthony Edwards (a.k.a. Dr. Green from ER). So what’s it like to suddenly see your life as a movie? “Well, my kids talk casting all the time,” Laker says. Interesting. And who’d play her? “Without sounding egotistic … maybe Demi Moore. Someone gutsy and nutty.” Ruderman’s heard Holly Hunter (“She’s too old”) and Neve Campbell, but really, she says, “We just don’t want to be portrayed as bimbos or unethical journalists or vigilantes or over-the-top nut-jobs.”