Three Philly Cops Arrested in Heroin Plot

Dirty cops who allegedly stole $100K worth of smack make Mayor Nutter swear yet again. Plus: Charlie Manuel's master plan is working, a new poll puts Toomey and Sestak dead even, and more of what Philly's talking about this morning

DEA Sting Nabs Three North Philly Cops. The trio were arrested yesterday for allegedly stealing 300 grams of heroin from a dealer on May 14th and selling it to an undercover DEA agent. Swearin’ Mayor Nutter is “personally pissed off” about the whole thing. [Daily News]

National League Takes the All-Star Game, 3-1. Ryan and Roy weren’t standouts in the laid-back game, but NL skipper Charlie Manuel managed to win World Series home field advantage for, oh, whoever might so happen to take the league title in September. [The 700 Level]

Toomey and Sestak in a Dead Heat … A new Quinnipiac poll puts the dueling duo at 43 percent each. [Inquirer]

… But Toomey’s Got Way More Cash. The Republican raised $3.1 million in the second quarter, to Sestak’s $1.95 mil. [Inquirer]

No Lookout on Barge That Rammed the Duck Boat. The only other working crew member last Wednesday was inside the tug boat rather than stationed forward at the time of the crash, but a spokesman for the tug workers’ union says a lookout isn’t necessary to maintain safety on a clear day. [Inquirer]

Man Admits Drunkenly Burning Down Gamble and Huff Studio. Christopher Cimini’s blood alcohol level was four times the legal driving limit when he broke into the offices of Philadelphia Records on February 21st and set a blaze that cost the producers 50 years’ worth of memorabilia. [CBS 3]

Not Only Are They Sticky and Smelly, but We Paid Too Much for Them, Too. The soft eco-side of the Scoop loves those BigBelly solar trash cans all over Center City, but the germaphobe side won’t touch them with a 10-foot hoagie roll. Now city comptroller Alan Butkovitz says we overpaid by $200K by buying them directly from the manufacturer. Isn’t that supposed to save money? [Business Journal]