Meet Our First Mighty Writer

A new Philly Post feature spotlighting young voices in the city. Today: Kahlaa Cannady

Mighty Writers is a nonprofit writing program for city kids seven to 17. Starting today the Philly Post will periodically feature the work of some of its students.

I Am From
By Kahlaa Cannady

I’m from the chalk writing in my backyard. 
From the blooming flowers in my garden.
 I’m from the gigantic tree that snows during winter. From the stones in my neighbor’s garden that I pick up sometimes to get a worm.

I’m from pink walls of my kitchen. 
From the tabby cat, the cutest thing!
I’m from the bean pictures of a weird creation.
From don’t-pour-that-juice-you’re-clumsy.

I’m from the cute side of the family.
 From the fasting in the fall.
From the Thanksgiving roasting at grandpa’s.

From the family gathering after graduations.
From visiting gravesites of our loved ones.

I am from those moments.

A family that everyone sees.

A wonderful family tree.

Kahlaa Cannady is a sixth grade student at Masterman School and a member of Mighty Writers (