Google Buys Philly Digital Firm

It snaps up Invite Media, founded by two Wharton guys. Plus: whether Comcast will neuter MSNBC, a replacement for the Worst Person in Philadelphia, and more of what's news this morning

Google Buys Philly-Based Digital Firm. The company purchased Invite Media, started by two Wharton grads and based in New York and Philly. Invite provides a buying platform for online display advertising. No financial terms were disclosed, but estimates are in the $40 million-to-$60 million range. Invite is featured in this month’s Philly Mag package on the local tech scene. [NY Times]

Negrin Named City’s New Managing Director. The former lawyer at Morgan Lewis was the interim head of the BRT, where Nutter said he did more in six months “than was done in the last two centuries.” Negrin replaces Camille Barnett, the pension raider whom yesterday the Scoop nominated as the Worst Person in Philadelphia. [Inquirer]

Pair Charged with Murder in AC Kidnapping. Craig Arno and Jessica Kisby were charged with killing 47-year-old Martin Cabellero, who was in town to celebrate his daughter’s 22nd birthday. [6abc]

Bart Winokur Will Step Down as Dechert Leader. After turning the Philly-based law firm into one of the most profitable in the country, Winokur will return to practicing law full-time. Andrew Levander will become the firm’s chairman; G. Daniel O’Donnell will become CEO. [Business Journal]

City Council Does Something Good. It passed laws yesterday regulating lobbyists in the city for the first time and limiting contributions to inaugurations, transitions and legal-defense funds. Meanwhile, it didn’t act on a bill that would loosen political restrictions on city employees. Nice day’s work. [Inquirer]

Will Prayer Help? Former mayor Wilson Goode gave the invocation at the Council session yesterday, praying “if it be your will, that Council and the mayor be of one accord.” The Scoop isn’t sure God cares too much about Philly politics — at least not since Vince went to jail — but it’s probably worth a shot. []

Johnny Doc Wants to Be a Ward Leader. He’s dipping his toe in politics again after losing a state senate race two years ago. The speculation is he’s gunning to be the Democratic Party’s treasurer — a job he lost four years ago in a battle with Bob Brady. [Daily News]

Will Comcast Make MSNBC “Fair and Balanced”? A Fox News blog speculates that when Comcast takes over NBC it will jettison the network’s lefty, pro-Obama hosts. The blog offers no sources and no reason for why they’d do that, so take it for what it’s worth. [The Fox Nation]